Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a timed event? How will I know my time?

Yes. Runners will have a timing chip in their bibs. The results will be shown in a tent on site and will have scrolling live results. It will be equipped with kiosks allowing participants to enter their bib number for a print out of their official time, splits, and rankings.

Q. Do all runners receive doughnuts? How do I get mine?

Yes, every runner will get doughnuts. See below to determine “how” based on your event.

Challenge and Junior Challenge Runners

  • After leaving the START line at Fountain Park, Challenge runners will run two miles to Winthrop University where you will be handed a box of 12 delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts. (Junior Challenge runners will have to eat 6 doughnuts.) Once ALL of the doughnuts have been consumed, you will show your EMPTY box to a volunteer that will put a doughnut sticker on your bib and let you continue your last two miles back to Fountain Park.

Casual Runners

  • After leaving the START line at Fountain Park, Casual runners will run two miles to Winthrop University where you will loop around at Winthrop University and continue your last two miles back to Fountain Park. You will pick up your box of dozen doughnuts at the Park.

Book Relay Runners

  • After Runner #1 leaves the START line at Fountain Park, the remaining Relay runners will be at their respective relay spots. After running your assigned leg of the Race, please return to Fountain Park. As the last Relay runner has crossed the FINISH line at Fountain Park, individual donuts will be served.

Q. I am a volunteer. Do I get to eat doughnuts too?

Yes, every volunteer will be able to eat individual doughnuts at Fountain Park.

Q. Do I have to complete the Challenge run in 1 hour or less to get a medal?

No. This has changed from previous years. Anyone running the 4 mile route and eating the total number of doughnuts required will earn a medal at the FINISH line.

Q. What if I feel like my doughnuts may come back to visit me after eating all of the Challenge runner doughnuts?

No worries! There will be Rubbermaid trash cans (a.k.a Doughnut Dumps) located on the course route.

Q. I do not want to run, but I do want a t-shirt. What should I do?

Register to participate as a “Sleep In Supporter”. You will be snug in your bed and snug in your heart, as you wear a cool new t-shirt around town and help to provide books to children in York County.

Q. How do I get my t-shirt?

T-shirts may be picked up at the Packet Pick Up location the day before the race.

Q. If I participate in the Book Relay, do I have to run?

No. Walking is permitted in the Book Relay and other events as long as participants are off the course by 9:30am so the Rock Hill Police can reopen the streets to traffic.

Q. Do I need to bring a book if I am participating in the Book Relay?

No. Early Learning Partnership will provide books at the Registration Tent for participants. Your timing chip will be attached to the book.

Q. Where does the race start?

The race starts at Fountain Park in downtown Rock Hill. To view the course, click here!

Q: Is there anywhere close to park?

Yes, there are a several different places to park near the start/finish line! For specific parking areas, please view our parking page.

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